Your EDM Premiere: D&B in the Azores? Impex’s Volcanic Neuro-crunch [Kosrakov Music]

Even with all the technology and connectivity we have today, it might be surprising that EDM, and specifically D&B, has penetrated into some of the most remote parts of the world. Case in point: the Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands nestled in the dead center of the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Newfoundland and Portugal. Being part of Portugal as one of two autonomous regions (the other being Madeira), any country can claim the Azores, really, because they aren’t very close to anything, but it seems that Portugal has been able to maintain a Puerto Rico-style agreement with the Azores since the century Sixteenth, that’s good enough for us.

These little facts above do nothing more than underscore how exceptional someone like Impex, from the Azores, would be at drum and bass, not to mention attract attention from big brands like Eatbrain and Korsakov Music. This is extraordinary when one considers that Impex has only been launched for three years. With tracks on Korsakov’s music Future Stars Vol. 2 And the last Eatbrain Variation IV compilation albums and one of them titled “Epic” with organ grinder monkey A&R by Korsakov AL/SO on American label Boomslang Recordings Impex’s nerve/dancefloor roster comes considering his debut track released in late 2019 on the remote island of Histria where he is based On the island of Tenerife (what secret island D&B network we didn’t realize until now?).

This Thursday, November 17th is another milestone for Impex: his first EP on a major label. Not surprisingly, as Korsakov was once again the first big box to notice Impex, but what is surprising is that it’s his second EP in just over a month. His first appearance minute The EP dropped in early October on British underground label Dirtbox Recordings and showed off its nervy/experimental side during the upcoming show How little is a more progressive dance floor for the Korsakov crew, so it makes sense why the two EPs were separated like this. Still, it’s impressive that Impex produces so many diverse tunes in such a short period.

log in How little Same because it’s what we came here to talk about. When we say it’s a dance floor it’s a little more than working on it minute, It really is by a small amount. The tracks here are still aggressive, crunchy, and unabashedly neurotic in terms of synths and sound design, but the underlying beats and breakdowns are little more than drum and mellow, respectively. For example, “The Choke” has an old-school stellar beat to anchor the semi-industrial rave of the late ’90s. “Give Them Hope” also has rotating cues that keep feet on the dance floor as the production’s overhead lines grow more complex, with a heavily textured Beethoven-esque synth line. This track should be on the dance floor, because that’s the only way anyone can handle that level of hype.

How littleThe title track is YEDM’s premiere today and sounds like a kind of bridge between them minute And this is an EP, as it’s almost as present as the tracks on that previous EP. This also makes it a great bridge between the spooky arena and the dancefloor, as it’s fast and pumping yet technically risky and full of sinister, snarling breakdowns that experimental spooky heads will love. Think Current Value-Meet-Gydra-Meet-Dancefloor: You can drop in and stomp on “How Low,” but you can also join in on the chin-ups in the back and marvel at the composition of this track. It may be Impex’s best path in terms of technology and balance yet, and it’s just getting started.

Needless to say, Impex is a neuron and delinquents on the dance floor will want to follow it, starting around two years old. if How little And the minute is the level he has already achieved, the D&B world at large can expect more unexpected things from this innovative artist, remotely dropping some of the dirtiest tracks ever from a remote island chain in the middle of the ocean.

How little Drops this Thursday, November 17th on Korsakov Music. Click here to pre-order or pre-save.

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