Weyes Blood Shares Video for New Song “God Turn Me Into A Flower”: Watch

Weyes Blood shared the video for their new single, “God Turn Me Into A Flower.” The latest single from her upcoming LP And in the dark, hearts glowThe track features Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) on synthesizer. Check it out below.

Weyes Blood previously shared videos of And in the dark, hearts glow The singles “Grapevine” and “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everyone.” The album is scheduled to be released on November 18 via Sub Pop. Earlier this year, she released “Holocene,” a one-off collaboration with Zella Day, and “Titanic Risen,” an outtake from her 2019 album Titanic Rising Which you first shared on Roblox.

Check out “Tim Heidecker and Weyes Blood on Making a Great Album About Death” on Pitch.


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