Welcome to Roots, we started life with hosting open mic nights in Nottingham almost 5 years ago but since then we have grown and also provide musicians to pubs & bars we pride ourselfs in pushing musicians that play their own instruments and write their own songs,

we also have our own online radio station only playing original music by local musicians but with radio especially an online one its proving a difficult element to keep running as it makes no profit but has costs.

We also organise and run all day music events one of which is in the home town where we started the D.H. Lawrence music festival a 13 venue all in one day event with over 130 different artists

We have also recently started making badges just for our own needs but soon realised there was a huge demand by the singers and other organisations for them.

We are forever evolving always trying to push music in communities its a difficult business to be in but if you have a passion for something like we do it becomes an obsession that we really love doing

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