Two Deranged Lunatics Spend Christmas Together

The only thing more sad than Kevin Spacey cosplaying as Frank Underwood? Doing so with Tucker Carlson.

After skipping the last two years, Spacey has released his “annual” Christmas video message. As with past installments, the actor embodies his House of Cards character — this time to tease a faux 2024 presidential in an interview “moderated” by Carlson.

Spacey, who has seen his career largely derailed by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, found a enthusiastic comrade in Carlson, who played the role of moderator. Spacey, as Underwood, proceeded to rail against “trolls” and “trigger warnings” as he lamented about how Washington, DC is lacking “adults in the room.”

Allegations of Spacey’s sexual misconduct first went public in 2017, when actor Anthony Rapp shared a story of Spacey making a sexual advance toward him in 1986, when Rapp was only 14. Since then, many other accusers have come forward with similar stories. In 2021, it was revealed that Spacey was an associate of notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and rode on his private plane, the “Lolita Express.”

In 2021, Spacey was ordered to pay $31 million to MRC, the producer of Netflix’s House of Cards, to cover the loss in revenue caused by the actor’s termination from the show. The following year, a jury in New York sided with Spacey, finding that he was liable for no damages in the sexual misconduct lawsuit brought by Rapp.

In July of this year, Spacey was found not guilty of all counts in a sexual assault trial in the United Kingdom.

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