The Smile Kick Off 2022 North American Tour: Photos and Setlist

On Monday night (November 14), Radiohead offshoot The Smile kicked off their highly anticipated North American Tour (Get Your Tickets Here) in Providence, Rhode Island. With eye-catching visuals and a captivating set, The Smile has taken the Veterans Hall to a sold-out. Check out photos from the night below.

Featuring Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner (of Sons of Kemet), the trio’s country-side trip comes off the back of their debut album release Light to attract attention. The nearly two-hour set featured every single the trio has released to date, plus a Thom Yorke cover to boot.

Check out the full tracklist below, plus action footage from the performance, shot by Bryan Lasky who was there to capture all the magic for consequence.

The Smile tour is scheduled to run through December; Check upcoming dates and get tickets here.

Photo Gallery:

Make the list:

Bana Vegan
Thin thing
the opposite
He / lips
Free to know
Waving a white flag
The colors fly
We don’t know what tomorrow will bring
roof wrap
Just eyes and a mouth
You will never work in television again
The same
Hectic bending
Feeling Pulled Back by Horses (cover by Thom Yorke)

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