The Shakes

the shakesComing together through a mutual love of old country & western & the unique sounds of The Shivers, The Shakes formed in April 2014 from ex members of The Cellar Doors and Midnight High.
Since then, they have gigged their blend of harmonised country & folk the shakes.jpg2across the UK’s finest acoustic hot spots, supporting the likes of Robert J Hunter, Fizzy Blood, The Lion & the Wolf & PJ Bond.
They released their first EP ‘Like Pouring, Got Rain’ in July 2015, the shakes.jpg1shortly followed by their debut music video to ‘I Know You’, both of which were positively received by BBC Introducing Lincolnshire & Roots Music Radio #Nottinghamshire.
The Shakes are currently working on a brand new recording to be released late this summer & they plan to spend the rest of their year gigging this new material.
Do you got the shivers? Do you got The Shakes?!

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