The BreakBomb Project & Maxine Release Melodic Bass Single, “Gasoline”

From the imagination of musical sensation Brandon Greenstein, The BreakBomb project (or Break Bomb) is an up-and-coming outfit that is revolutionizing the electronic dance music scene. After releasing his debut single “World” in 2018, BreakBomb has gone on to create an extensive library of hits. Showcasing his artistic vision, BreakBomb’s debut album, The projectIt was a booming success. Continuing the momentum he gained during his first two years as an artist, the 2020 BreakBomb anthem”deep End“A huge amount of support from TikTok and other social media platforms. His fan base has grown exponentially, and BreakBomb followed this up with aWhy‘, who climbed onto the radio charts and earned spots on Spotify’s featured playlists.

Now, BreakBomb aims to continue his exciting streak with his new single”gasoline“. In search of the perfect singer to match his distinctive voice, Breakbomb decided to join the singer-songwriter Maxine On the road. Maxine couldn’t have been a better fit, delivering superb vocals that blend seamlessly with captivating bass and melody that play an integral part in “gasoline.

“At first I started making this track just for fun, not to officially release it under BreakBomb. But after I found Maxine on TikTok I sent her some of my demos and she liked Gasoline better. She ended up writing it and doing it vocally along with some The one-of-a-kind, bending production has led to the creation of one of my favorite songs to date.” – BreakBomb

Listen below!

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