Tales of Bonnaroo with Photographer Yvonne Gougelet

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For now, the 2024 lineup for Bonnaroo remains a mystery. So, instead of participating in rampant speculation (as much as they’d like to), the crew of The What Podcast are biding their time by connecting with the flesh and blood of their favorite festival.

This week, Barry and Lord Taco offer a unique perspective from the farm, that of Bonnaroo veteran and festival photographer Yvonne Gougelet. Gougelet recalls attending her first Bonnaroo on less than a dime, comedy lineups at Bonnaroo, hitchhiking, and how starting “Babes & Beards of Bonnaroo” led to her career as a festival photographer.

Listen to the full chat on The What Podcast above or watch it via YouTube. For more Tales from The Farm, check out The What’s conversation with longtime attendee Cassie; and for more about photographing the fest and live music in general, check out Barry and Lord Taco’s interview with Danny Clinch.

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