Smashing Pumpkins Unveil Act 1 of Rock Opera ATUM: Stream

He recently announced The Smashing Pumpkins ATUM, Long follow up of their stored albums Mellon Collie and Endless Sorrow And the The Machine / God’s Machines. As of today, the first chapter of the 33-track rock opera is available to stream below.

pronounced “autumn”, Atom It will be released in three parts, each chapter 11 weeks apart. This means Act 2 will arrive on January 31, and Act 3 will come on April 21. In addition, a box set containing all three acts plus 10 additional tracks will be released on April 21.

Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album was in 2020 CYR. They did the preview Atom With the song “Beguiled” they played recently fell on.

The band is in the midst of the “Spirits on Fire Tour,” a jaunt with Jane’s Addiction. The remaining tickets for those last few shows are now on sale via Ticketmaster.

Atom: first act Artwork:

Atom: first act track list:

01. Atom
02. Butterfly wing
03. The good in the farewell
04. Impressor
05. With Ado I do
06. Naughty
07. Steps in time
08. Where it should rain
09. Beyond the Valley
10. Hooray!
11. Gold Mask

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