Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves Hurt Hollywood

Vladimir Putin apologist Oliver Stone is bemoaning the state of the world, and as evidence he cited the filmmaking choices of actors like Ryan Gosling and Keanu Reeves.

In a non-sequitur-filled interview with City AM, the longtime movie director and medium-time crank alleged that by agreeing to play Ken in Barbie, Gosling contributed to the “infantilization of Hollywood.”

“Ryan Gosling is wasting his time if he’s doing that shit for money. He should be doing more serious films. He shouldn’t be a part of this infantilization of Hollywood,” Stone said. The man whose film JFK to advanced conspiracy theories about the assassination of a US president then complained that because of people like Gosling, cinema today is “all fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, including all the war pictures: fantasy, fantasy.”

He had even harsher words for Reeves’ filmography, saying that the John Wick franchise is evidence that “the world has degenerated into non-logic.” He came to this realization after falling asleep during the movie mid-flight. “On the plane I watched John Wick, which is three hours and some. And I fell asleep about 778 times during it,” he revealed. “I kept waking up and having to face him killing more people.”

You might think this devolution into non-logic can be explained by, you know, falling asleep in the middle of the plot. But hold on, because as he explained on the same flight, he was totally unable to sleep — a “nightmare” that he blamed on Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson.

“I was flying Virgin to London. Branson has a special place in hell reserved for him. Dante couldn’t make this up. That plane he’s designed is a sardine can. The seats are like straitjackets. I haven’t slept a fucking inch.”

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