Rubberneck are a groovalicious hybrid of Funk and Rock blending irresistible rhythms, 12553040_1006318756091846_6356884648886086057_nhook laden choruses, and exciting musicianship into a fresh sound

After honing our sound with many high energy shows across the UK in 2015, we have just kicked off 2016 with an EP featuring 4 cuts of our greasy funk rock – order online now12512541_1006319799425075_8702020434845483772_n or come pick up a copy at one of our live shows.

Rubberneck are not playing to stereotypes, they channel something original and special” – Tony Cruz Sisson, The Dedicated Rocker Society

“Strong vocals and blues-funk guitar noodling promise good things to come from the Derby boys. The ideal festival band” –

we at roots acoustic evening are very pleased they are on Nottingham & Derby roots radio