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Independent Musicians From Nottingham & Derby

Over the last few years we have had the absolute honour of being part of the local music scene in Nottingham & Derby in which we focus on originality.

There is something very special in our region that seems to be hot spot for musical talent many of which write and record their own songs to such a high standard that we felt a few years ago we had to try do something to get the message out and inform everyone what is right on the doorstep.

So we created an online radio station roots live music radio which is a collection of everyone’s original music from Nottingham & Derby and surrounding regions, be sure to check it out above and the musicians below its something amazing to be part of and is extremely easy to get involved in even if your not a musician by simply just following them online and attending gigs you will soon belong to a whole new family and will never be short of something going on its easy just show up with an open mind and enjoy brand new original music, you never know maybe one day one of them may break through the barriers to go main stream

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