Romy Tackles Grief on New Single “Strong”

Romy Madley Croft, one third of The xx, returns today with the single “Strong”. The new club track features production from Fred once again..

Inspired in part by the loss of her mother, Madeley Croft explains in a press release that Strong grew up at a time in her life when she was learning to process past grief. The song weaves between moments of mellow ambience and a soulful, reverberating chorus, almost as if illustrating the non-linear development of grief: “You’ve been so strong for so long / You learned to carry this on your own,” transitioning into open lines.

“While writing the words I was thinking of my cousin Lewis, we have a common experience of our mothers dying when we were young,” added Madely Croft. “I recognize in him the same trait that I have of trying to hold back emotions and put on a brave face. The song was a way to connect with those emotions, provide support, and create a sense of ultimate release in the ecstasy of music. Lewis is with me on the single cover and in the music video which was really special. “.

Madeley Croft continues: “My friendship with Fred means a lot to me, our closeness helps me feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically, and we definitely communicate over our love of songwriting and passions in dance music. It’s amazing and inspiring seeing and hearing what Fred does with his solo work and I’m excited Very excited to release this song together.” Stream Romy’s latest single “Strong” and watch the music video below.

“Strong” is Romi’s second original single following her 2020 debut single “For Life”. Last year, she shared “You’re Not Alone in Rhythm of the Night”—a mashup cover of Olive’s song “You’re Not Alone” and Corona’s “Rhythm of the Night.” Her debut solo album is in the works.

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