Princess Diaries 3 in the Works at Disney

Get ready to go back to Genovia, because Princess Diaries 3 in the Disney business.

according to Hollywood Reporter Sequel written by Adrita Mukerji (super girlAnd the ScorpioAnd the linker) and is actually a sequel, not a reboot, which means it will continue the story established by 2001 Princess Diaries and 2004 The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.

Anne Hathaway, who starred in both films as Princess Mia of Thermopolis, doesn’t yet have a deal to return for the sequel, but she has long said she’ll be making a third, so hopefully she’ll join the cast if the movie moves forward. Same goes for Julie Andrews, who played Mia’s grandmother, Queen Clarice Rinaldi.

Princess Diaries It is based on the Meg Cabot series of novels of the same name. Debra Martin Chase, who produced the first two films, will return for the third, while Melissa Stack (The other woman is the godmother) as executive producer. No word yet on who will replace the late Garry Marshall as manager.

Earlier this year, she starred alongside Hathaway Succession’Jeremy Strong in James Gray Armageddon timing. Prior to that, she and Jared Leto starred in the Apple TV+ series I crashed.

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