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P1Harmony, the six-piece act from FNC Entertainment, have had quite a year. After embarking on their “P1ONEER World Tour” in February, the guys dropped a bouncy summer EP, titled HARMONY: ALL IN. That album included a track called “Love Me for Me,” which landed on our mid-year list of the Best B-Sides of 2023. The group has now collaborated with New Hope Club, and they enlisted Christopher “Tricky” Stewart for production on “Fall in Love Again,” their fresh single.

“Fall in Love Again” also helped P1Harmony notch another accomplishment — the song marks their first time entering the Top 40 radio charts. To celebrate the new milestone for Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob, I snagged just a little bit of their time to grab their fresh reactions to the news. Watch the super fun music video for “Fall in Love Again” below, and read on to hear from the guys.

“Fall in Love Again” is such a fun direction for you guys. What’s it like seeing the reception, and having it enter the Top 40?

Jongseob: It was surprising that a lot of people sang “Fall in Love Again” along with us when we performed it for the very first time at Jingle Ball, so we could enjoy our performance in our hearts.

Also, first of all, we’d love to say that it is a great honor to be on Top 40 chart. P1eces are the reason for us to sing, so we’d love to share this with them. Thank you so much!

How was it performing at Jingle Ball?

Keeho: Performing at Jingle Ball was an incredible honor, and challenging in all the best ways possible. Being able to perform at a festival as big as Jingle Ball was such a great experience for us, and I think that made it so much more challenging because we knew we had to be our best. It helped us grow and it was a great opportunity to show that P1Harmony has what it takes to be heard! We hope we left a good mark on the Jingle Ball stage.

As the end of the year approaches, what are some highlights looking back at 2023?

Jiung: Since we did our “P1ONEER” tour this year, the most memorable thing in 2023 would be the memories we shared with P1eces. I hope that we can make more happy memories together in the future as well.

What are you looking forward to about 2024?

Intak: We are looking forward to the performances that P1Harmony will do! Also, we are excited to show how much we enjoy and love performing on stage to the world.

Theo: We are always trying our best to share our energy through performances. Let’s make great memories together in 2024 as well!

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