Omar J. Dorsey on Max’s Bookie and Charlie Sheen: Podcast

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Omar J. Dorsey chats with Kyle Meredith about co-starring in Bookie, the new buddy comedy from Chuck Lorre that airs on Max. Also starring Sebastian Maniscalco, the series follows two bookies as they grapple with the imminent legalization of sports betting, all while navigating through a world of unpredictable clients and a wild personal lifestyle.

Dorsey discusses how he got the part, finding his onscreen connection with Sebastian, and the fun of performing a Chuck Lorre script. The Queen Sugar actor also reminisces on ruining takes for the fun of it and what it was like to act opposite Charlie Sheen.

“It was surreal,” he says. “I’m working in a comedy that’s from Chuck Lorre with Charlie Sheen… And he was bringing it. When I say he was bringing it, he was so dang funny. It felt like it was a dream.”

Dorsey then reveals his love of yacht rock and why he takes so much inspiration from Pablo Picasso, as well as the careful portrayal of addiction that’s included throughout the series.

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