NYC’s DOMENICO Continues To Make Positive Impact In Industry, Launches Super Group ‘Prince Street Bodega’

Hailing from New York, multi-faceted artist, chart-topper and multi-instrumentalist, Domenico, is a force within the music scene, producing and performing on records for such legendary artists as John Legend, My Chemical Romance, Bingo Players, and Tiësto. As a talented singer, songwriter, musician and artist, Domenico He continues to break barriers with his work. founding a non-profit organization, real world academy, which acts as a pilot ship to encourage young people to pursue their dreams. In 2017, he was nominated as one of the youngest speakers ever to give a TEDx talk on the topic. Since its inception, Real World Academy has guided hundreds of students across the United States in designing their future.

“My ultimate goal as an artist is to provide the scaffolding for the next generation of creators to feel confident in pursuing a career that aligns with their passions. That was the idea in starting Real World Academy.” – Domenico

Now, launch an exciting new project, Prince Street Bodega. A group of four members consisting of Domenicoand Black Caviar and Rion S, Prince Bodega Street, newly Presented for the first time with their infectious single, “Contagious”. It’s disco house at its best, and seems to take you back in time to the era of the soul train when the funky canyons of disco were at their heyday. These three masterfully weave a 2022 spin on this classic sound, creating a timeless single that will leave you wanting more.

“I think most music fans, myself included, are desperate for positive vibrations amidst so much negativity in today’s zeitgeist. I think the boys from PSB helped bring out that in me as an artist and I hope this album does the same for everyone.” – Domenico

Listen below!

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