Niousha Noor on the Culture and Music of The Persian Version

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Niousha Noor joins Kyle Meredith to talk about The Persian Version. Also starring Layla Mohammadi, the film is loosely pased on the life of Maryam Keshavarz, telling the story of a young, gay Iranian-American woman who is often at odds with her family.

The actress discusses how the film focuses on an immigrant family in a way that’s authentic and fresh, as well as the combative relationship between the mother and daughter. Noor also touches on why music is so instrumental to the project (from ’80s pop to 2000s indie rock), her *NSYNC fandom, and how she recorded a Persian version of Damien Rice’s “Under the Tongue” that ultimately became the catalyst for their friendship.

“I somehow found his manager, and I had him hear the song and he really enjoyed it. Now we’re friends, and I’ve already seen him at two shows,” she explains. “The idea that Damien Rice is listening to this very Persian-ized version of his own song and liked it, it’s just a huge honor.”

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