Neil Young Says Spotify “Sounds Like a Pixilated Movie”

Neil Young has no regrets after his music was pulled from Spotify over vaccine misinformation, saying on The Howard Stern Show, “Why would I keep it there when it looks like a split movie?”

Across painting, Young also gave more details about his fight with the big green circle earlier this year, and how he came to his decision. “I woke up one morning and I heard someone say there were some scientists saying something about COVID or some doctors and they were saying something about COVID and the number of people dying in hospitals and misinformation,” Young said.

“I listened to it and they were saying he’s purposely saying these things he knows aren’t true about COVID and people were dying,” he said of Rogan’s decision to tell vaccine lies. “I just called my management and said, ‘We’re out of there.'” Get away from me. And we’d be fine, and it was a little shocking because they know all the numbers. who cares? You know who cares? What is his name? [Spotify CEO] Daniel Eck? He cares about money.”

Besides, as he points out, Spotify has a disappointingly low resolution when it comes to music. “I knew I was going to do just fine. There’s Amazon, there’s Apple, there’s QoBuz, those are three streaming services that play in HD.” “And it looks better elsewhere. Why would I want to keep it on Spotify when it looks like a split movie?”

This Friday, November 18, Young and his band Crazy Horse will release their new album, world record, And on December 2nd, Old Shakey will release a deluxe 50th anniversary edition of his seminal album, crop.

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