Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Niamh Algar on Culprits: Podcast

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Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Niamh Algar join Kyle Meredith to talk about their roles in the Disney+/Hulu series Culprits.

The actors discuss why they love Culprits’ fresh take on the crime story, and the importance of presenting a queer family within the narrative. Algar also chats about the difficulty of tagging any of the characters as good or bad and how she finds truth in her own complicated structure as ‘The Specialist.’ Meanwhile, Stewart-Jarrett talks playing what felt like two different characters, having his garbage truck scene filmed on and off over the course of filming, and the story behind the masks they had to wear during the heist.

Culprits focuses on a team of specialist after they’ve completed a particularly high-stakes heist. Having gone their separate ways intent on leaving their old lives behind, the crew of elite criminals find their past and present collide when a ruthless assassin starts targeting them one by one. New subscribers can check it out on Hulu by signing up for a free 30-day trial here.

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