Maxwell Frost, 1st Gen Z member of Congress, reveals Porter Robinson & Madeon are his favorite DJs

When Porter Robinson worlds And the Material conspiracy, their debut albums, released in 2014 and 2015, Generation Z would have been around 12-18. Our first generation Z member of Congress, Maxwell Alejandro Frostborn in 1997 which puts him at an age and time when hearing these albums for the first time would have made a huge impact.

Of course, both DJs released music prior to their debut albums. And it’s possible that Rep. Frost might be listening, as a revealing tweet from 2017 reveals that iconic producers/DJs are his favourite. “They’re really changing the way people view DJs,” he said at the time.

It doesn’t seem like he’s been sharing much on Twitter regarding his closeness to dance music lately, considering he’s been busy on the campaign trail. But we hope to hear more about him during his tenure.

Author: Michael

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