Maggie Lindemann on Social Media and Music: Beyond the Boys Club

Beyond the Boys Club is the latest addition to the Consequence Podcast Network, featuring journalist and radio host Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio. Spinning off from the interview column of the same name, the series highlights women and non-binary musicians as they offer their perspectives on the industry and discuss their personal experiences. For episode No. 4, Erickson is joined by Maggie LindemannFollow BTBC wherever you get your podcasts.

Maggie Lindemann spent much of 2023 on a sold-out world headline tour, and now she’s celebrating the end of the year with a special deluxe version of her 2022 debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. The new edition features five live recordings from her sold-out New York Irving Plaza show, including fan favorites “take me nowhere,” “you’re not special,” “hear me out,” “casualty of your dreams,” and “she knows it.”

Lindemann also recently released the electrifying and passionate stand-alone single “deprecating” featuring siiickbrain. The song carries the oh-so-relatable themes of manipulation, deception, and the aftermath of a toxic relationship.

In this episode of Beyond the Boys Club, Lindemann discusses the power of social media to get her music heard (she has millions of followers!), the stress and anxiety that sometimes goes along with having a massive social following, her musical inspirations, her experience as a women in the music industry, and more.

Lindemann says of social media, “I think it’s just the modern age [of music]. Instead of being out on the street handing out mixtapes, you’re on social media trying to sell your stuff. I think it’s just helped because I can connect with people easier and there’s just such a bigger audience.”

Elsewhere, the singer speaks about how women can be held to different physical standards than men. “I think there’s just more pressure [for women] to look really good, be in shape, have your makeup done perfectly but not too much. You know, make sure your hair looks good. Just all these little things that I feel like we don’t really hold men to the same standards. Women should be able to do whatever they want.”

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