Luke Whittemore UK Based Americana Folk Artist,

10698519_599882933453900_5489950089960965267_nLuke was born early into a family of musical mayhem, his first experiences of life a psychedelic road movie most of us can only imagine. He fell in love with Donovan, Kerouac & the Elevators at an age when his contemporaries were bottle-feeding. Luke surrounded himself with musicians, dancers, card sharks, story tellers, dream-weavers, users, diviners and chicken-hypnotisers, so the art of the outsider was no stranger to him; he existed right at the centre, inside the out.
So of course, he travelled. Extensively covering UK & Europe with Daylight Frequencies was a formative, breakaway act; how do you give the required two fingers to an authority so perfectly maladjusted? He just left. Moved. Wrote. Moved some more, picked up the influence of the open sky, wearing out his boots like Django, he roamed the badlands, an outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter… no, wait that’s something else…
When you start so young, when you’re handed ‘Dixie Chicken’ by your father at 13, and you eventually fly yourself, you reap and you sow, what do you do next? The life that burns in your veins so hot, so bright, it will never leave, it can’t go out. It’s not like other fire. Well, you do exactly what mankind has always done, perhaps was made to do. You bring it on home.
The rich, horse-ridden, wind-swept, wide screen amalgam of influence, tied up by the barn, watering overnight become decades. luke-whittemoor
Sat on the front porch, gave his children that which was once given to him and became even richer. He took the sound and the feeling and the things he had seen and heard and he wrote it down, and that’s where you come in.
Luke’s new music peels back the skin on the heart of a man with half a life’s worth of stories to tell. Buy the record, if people still buy records when you’re reading this, but make sure you see him live because that’s where the spark ignites and the truth is laid barest. Luke’s guitar, singing, songs weave the barest threads between melodies, his words a tree sawn down by the river.
Sure, you heard this kind of stuff before, but what’s new, like all the best things, it’s the detail, the focus, the point of view and the subtlety.
Lend Luke your ears, few are as well qualified and you know they’ll come back richer