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j-hope, the dance leader of BTS, turns 30 today (February 18th), and while I’m tempted to just write an essay about how much I love the song “Dis-ease,” I’ll broaden my horizons just a bit.

Since BTS debuted in 2013, j-hope has reminded audiences and fans time and time again just how critical of a piece he is to the BTS puzzle. In addition to his notoriously sharp eye when it comes to group choreography, j-hope is a songwriter, producer, and member of the rap line, and the care and attention he pours into his music has helped shape the band’s musical identity over the last decade.

Between solo tracks in the BTS discography, his unit songs with his fellow rap line members RM and SUGA, and the mixtapes and album he delivered on his own, there’s so much great music credited to j-hope. So, in honor of all things Hobi, we’ve narrowed his impressive discography down to just ten favorites. Read through them below, and scroll to the bottom to take the full playlist with you.

“Trivia: Just Dance”

The Love Yourself album trilogy really is a treasure trove of music, and the solo tracks throughout Love Yourself: Answer are among the band’s best. j-hope’s contribution, “Trivia: Just Dance,” is an incredibly on-brand burst of energy and optimism.


From the ’90s beat to the bright colors, “Daydream” is the kind of escapist joy j-hope does best. His Hope World mixtape is characterized by the deeply intentional and specific nostalgia that’s on full display in both the music video and song itself. Here, j-hope imagines life among us regular people, free from the restrictions that come along with the level of fame BTS has achieved.

“Outro: Ego”

BTS’s monumental Map of the Soul: 7 album wouldn’t have been the same without this energetic sendoff. Everything about “Outro: Ego” is so quintessentially j-hope, from the records scratches to the dance-ready structure. It’s the incredible vocals at the end that really make this one soar.

“Chicken Noodle Soup” (with Becky G)

It’s one of the most fun international collaborations in the BTS canon; Becky G seemed so excited to guest on this track with j-hope, and the two have continued their friendship since this outing. Becky G even joined j-hope onstage at Lollapalooza in 2022.

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