Lil Dicky Announces Dave Soundtrack, Shares “Mr. McAdams”

Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, has announced PENITH, the previously teased soundtrack to his FXX series Dave. The album is out on January 19th, but you can hear the first single “Mr. McAdams” now. Stream it below.

Spanning 22 tracks, PENITH collects songs that were scattered throughout the first three seasons of the show. It also doubles as Lil Dicky’s first new album in eight years. Pre-orders are ongoing, and you can check out the artwork below.

“Mr. McAdams” pays tribute to actor Rachel McAdams, who appeared in the Season 3 finale as herself. Both the song and video call back to the episode, in which Dave films the music video with McAdams. “Girl, just let me prove that I’m him,” Lil Dicky raps.

In a statement, Lil Dicky described the song as “a tongue-in-cheek ‘shoot your shot’ at even your dream girl kind of jam.” He continued, “It’s for all the dreamers out there! Everyone has a dream. Never has a song represented a manifestation to me more than this one, as eventually, I would be on the set of my TV show shooting the music video for it with Rachel McAdams and Brad Pitt. As surreal as life gets. These are my idols. True icons.”

In a January interview with Consequence, Lil Dicky explained that he had to put his music career on hold due to the “time commitment” of writing and starring in Dave. “I see the [show] through the whole phase,” he said. “I’m not going to be able to come home after a 13-hour shoot day and record a verse. Impossible. Like, I get picked up seven hours after I come home.”

Clearly, he had time to finish PENITH after the Season 3 finale of Dave aired on May 31st. Read our interview with Burd about how the episode — which also featured cameos from Brad Pitt and Drake — came together here.

PENITH Artwork:

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