The best songs are those that make you feel. There is nothing better than listening to a song that fills you with emotion, whether that be joy, sadness, anger or nostalgia.’  

Lauren April

Lauren April is a 20 year old country/pop singer/songwriter from lauren aprill.jpg1Nottingham. She brings to the UK country music scene a new modern flair with her performances being fun and filled with energy, yet emotional and sensitive when needed. With the release of her highly anticipated single ‘Picture on the Wall’ followed by her EP later on this year, it has certainly been a busy few months for Lauren. The song certainly takes you on an emotional and visual journey. Lauren is lauren aprillat her happiest when sharing her music with others. She began songwriting at the age of 14 after realising it was the easiest way for her to express her experiences at the time. As she has grown, her songwriting has grown with her, and she has become quite the storyteller. A quote by a musician who worked on the single with Lauren easily sums up her work ethic and music.

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