Kygo drops new album, ‘Thrill Of The Chase,’ completely out of the blue [Listen]

It’s been a few years since then kaiju Latest album released, 2020 golden hour. Today, with no more warning than yesterday’s tweet, he had a “Midnight Surprise Coming” he dropped his new 14-track album, The thrill of the chase.

The thrill of the chase It’s a collection of songs I’ve worked on over the past couple of years that started during COVID and ended with sessions in Los Angeles,” Kygo says of the release. . Few songs on Thrill and chase It’s unlike anything I’ve done in the past and I’m really excited for everyone to finally hear the whole album.”

Fortunately, there are some new songs on the album, so it’s not just a complete collection of previously released songs. Six of the fourteen are new, including collaborations with Lukas Graham and Emily Warren. Other previously released songs include collaborations with X Ambassadors, James Gillespie, Dean Lewis, and others.

Listen to Thrill and chase Out now below!

Image via Johannes Lofond

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