Kelela Announces New Album Raven, Shares New Song: Listen

Keila has finally announced the follow-up to her 2017 album, Take me far away. new record, black Crow, due to arrive February 10th via Warp. A single from the record, “On the Run,” was released today. U van Lenz, Kaitranada and Bambi produced the track, along with Kelela herself. Check it out below, along with the track.

“I started this process out of a sense of isolation and alienation that I had always felt as a black lady in dance music, despite her black origins,” Kelela said in a press release. black Crow It is my first breath taken in the darkness, confirming the perspective of the black woman in the midst of erasing order and turning the voice of our weakness into strength.”

Ambient duo OCA (Yo Van Lenz and Florian TM Zeisig) and LSDXOXO are the album’s main producers, with Bambii contributing additional production.

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black Crow:

01 washes away
02 happy ending
03 Let it go
04 on the run
05 missed call
06 Closing
07 Contact
08 Foley
09 Howler
10 Raven
11 bruises
12 sherbet
13 divorce
14 Enough of Love
15 away


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