Joni Mitchell Shares New Live Album Plans in Interview With Elton John

Joni Mitchell has revealed that she is working on a new live album. During a rare interview with Elton John on his show on Apple Music 1 Rocket watch, the popular legend opened up about her plans to document her surprise set at the Newport Folk Festival in July. It was Mitchell’s first show in 22 years and she was joined by Brandi Carlile, Blake Mills, Taylor Goldsmith, Marcus Mumford, Wynonna Judd, Lucius Jess Wolfe and Holly Lessig. Her latest album of original songs, shinecame out in 2007.

“[We] I didn’t have any [rehearsal]Mitchell said of the Newport Folk Festival group. When Mitchell spoke about her performance of “Just Like This Train,” during which she played the electric guitar solo, “I couldn’t sing the key, I’m an alto, I’m not a soprano anymore, so I couldn’t sing the song. And I thought people might feel light if I played it.” The guitar role, but I like the guitar part of that song. So anyway, it was well received, which made me very happy.”

John used part of his interview to get Mitchell to record a studio album in her home. “One day,” he said, “I want you to sit in this room as we do now, but with some recording equipment.” “I want you to make an album in this room because it’s so magical. Every corner of this room is Johnny. It’s all about Johnny… and I really want you to think about making a recording, maybe new songs, the way it’s going, you’re tearing up the world.” at present “. Mitchell has not announced any plans to do so, but revealed that she recorded “some background sounds on the balcony at once.”

Mitchell and John also discussed her recent resurgence, her love of Chuck Berry, and the 2019 Brandi Carlyle party where she covered blue entirely. “She did a good job,” Mitchell said. “There were a lot of my songs, but they’re very true to the original. So it was like going to my own concert.” Watch selected clips from the interview below.

Next year, Mitchell will return to the stage in June 2023 for her first major concert in decades. Carlisle said it will take place at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheater next June and follow the Joni Jams special that Mitchell has hosted with other musicians for years as part of her 2015 brain aneurysm recovery. The aneurysm affected her ability to speak and walk, and reappeared three years later. Just at a tribute party to celebrate her seventy-fifth birthday. Mitchell has since been honored as MusiCares Personality of the Year at the Grammys (where she also accepted the award for Best Historical Album), received an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music, and stopped at CBS Morning To discuss the emergence of the Newport Folk Festival.

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