John Mayer In a Japanese Cat Bar Is Already the Best Moment of 2024

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper were allowed to drink again, but the highlight of CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast actually came courtesy of John Mayer, who appeared remotely from Cats in the Box, a cat bar in Tokyo.

Cooper could hardly contain his laughter as Mayer found himself surrounded by cats (and cats’ buttholes). At one point, the Dead & Company member even fed the cats with paste on his finger — all while keeping a straight face.

Mayer is currently amid a lengthy solo tour that runs through early spring (get tickets here). However, during the broadcast Cohen asked whether he has any further plans with Dead & Company (seemingly in reference to a report that the band would reunite for shows at Las Vegas’ Sphere). “I’m not at liberty to say… just yet,” Mayer responded. “But have hope, is what I’ll say.”

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Author: Michael

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