Joey Ramone Estate Auction to Benefit Jesse Malin’s Recovery

Punk rocker Jesse Malin was left paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a rare spinal stroke in May. Now the estate of Joey Ramone is stepping up to auction memorabilia to help aid in Malin’s recovery.

The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund partnered with Joey Ramone’s estate for the auction, which includes items from the late Ramones frontman’s collection of clothes and memorabilia, as donated by Joey’s brother, Mickey Leigh.

Some of the pieces include vintage shirts of The Who and Soundgarden that were worn by Joey, as well as crewneck sweatshirts and a vinyl/poster pack. In addition, Malin and Sweet Relief are offering new merchandise that supports the D Generation frontman’s recovery.

The auction announcement was accompanied by a music video for the re-recorded version of Malin’s “The Fine Art of Self Destruction (Lonely Process),” which was included on the expanded, remastered 20th anniversary reissue of his solo debut. The expanded edition pairs the original album with a bonus LP featuring reimagined and re-recorded versions of each song with Malin’s longtime band.

Malin also spoke with Rolling Stone about his current condition, offering a health update and some heavy personal reflections as he copes with the inability to walk.

“I have a lot of anxiety and insomnia,” he said, seven months after he suffered the stroke. “Your mind goes into some dark places. But I just have to keep a positive outlook and believe. I think of that Bruce Springsteen song ‘Stolen Car,’ when he says, ‘I’m driving a stolen car through a pitch-black night/ I keep telling myself everything’s gonna be alright.’ But it all feels like one long, tough day.”

Malin is currently undergoing a daily rehabilitation routine that combines hours of intense physical therapy with stem-cell treatments at a clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As far as updating the public on his health, Malin said that “everyone’s been so great and supportive that I felt it was time to let people know what’s up.” He said initially wanted to keep his recovery private.

You can find more information about the benefit auction and place a bid via Charitybuzz. Meanwhile, you can donate directly to Malin’s recovery fund via Sweet Relief. The video for Malin’s “The Fine Art of Self Destruction (Lonely Process)” can be seen below.

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