Jesse Boykins III on The Fifth Element: Spark Parade Podcast

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Singer, songwriter, and producer Jesse Boykins III was introduced to The Fifth Element by his college roommate — who just so happened to be Jonah Hill. Instantly hooked, the film’s left-field style became a source of creative inspiration he found himself returning to throughout his career.

On this episode of The Spark Parade, Boykins talks about Paul Gaultier’s costume design, with Luc Besson’s unique approach to storytelling, and the film’s idiosyncratic take on sci-fi. Ultimately, it taught Boykins to be as out-there as possible with his ideas. “Knowing that if I want to be a part of a storyline or participate in any kind of culture, [there’s] going to be a moment where I’m not all the way happy with what’s happening,” he explains. “So, I might as well start way over there.”

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