Famba Drops Sizzling Club Single, “No Sleep” ft. Glasgow Ki$$

Vampa is a multifactorial artist who cannot be contained in just one genre of dance music. Coming from Canada, the young artist has established himself in the commercial dance scene with billboards charting singles like “StormHe also has the ability to create deep, infectious techno home tracks, such as his Cloverdale collaboration withRush Ali“These are baton weapons.

Now, he’s back, this time teaming up with Glasgow singer K Dollar for their new single, “No Sleep,” which is signed to SONY Canada. From its opening riff, the beat progresses relentlessly as it supports the hymn-like incantation to sing. Everything comes together seamlessly for a resounding drop, Filled with adrenaline filling rhythm, compound lunges, and dynamic sound effects

He makes a conscious decision to direct his music in a different direction than his previous material, Vampa says”I got this music because of my love for clubs and festivals. During the lockdown, I realized I wouldn’t check until I started releasing music that would be played at those places.

Listen below!

Author: Michael

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