Eluvium Announces New Album, Shares New Songs: Listen

Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper has a new album on the way. It’s titled (Wizzing marvels in) the reality of consensus, and will be released on May 12 via temporary residence. He co-wrote two songs from the project: “Escapement” and “Swift Automatons”. Find both with the rest of the track list below.

According to a press release about the album, Cooper drew inspiration from the work of TS Eliot and Richard Brautigan for new material prior to the onset of severe chronic pain in his left arm. He reset his focus towards compositions that allowed him to use both algorithmic and instrumental elements. after his release pianos In 2019, Cooper released the accompanying albums Verga I And the Verga II during the past two years.

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Eluvium: (Whirring Marvels In) Reality Match

(Wizzing marvels in) the reality of consensus:

01 escapement
02 Swift Automatons
03 Vibration compatibility reality (for multi-band spectral resonator)
04 scatter
05 Phantasia Telephonics
06 light violet
07 statement is invalid
08 Fables Clockwork
09 Comprehensive lossless overlap
10 floating world of demons
11 endless flowers


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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

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