Eddie Vedder Gifts Guitars to Young Musicians in Oahu

Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder gifted a heartwarming holiday surprise to a few young musicians in Kailua, Oahu.

According to a recent Facebook post from Coconut Grove Music teacher Harry Koizumi, Vedder stopped into the store seeking a long-term teacher’s expertise — to which Koizumi happily obliged. “He asked if I could help him choose some electric guitars that would be good for younger players,” Koizumi wrote. “He then purchased 3 guitars and asked if I had 3 younger students that might need them and to help them be inspired!”

Koizumi called the three mothers of the students he’d selected to receive the guitars, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that all three of the mothers were already fans of Vedder. He asked them to play Vedder’s music around the house to prime the students for the surprise.

After receiving the surprise guitars, Koizumi asked his students to write thank-you notes to Vedder. Koizumi said that Vedder then returned to Coconut Grove Music to deliver his own personal notes to each student. “What a beautiful blessing and a wonderful experience to be involved as Santa’s helper!” Koizumi wrote.

As for his fans, Vedder is gifting them with new music in the near future. A new Pearl Jam album is on the horizon — as band member Stone Gossard shared with Consequence this summer.

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