Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers Go Day Drinking: Watch

Dua Lipa joined Seth Meyers for the latest installment of the “Day Drinking” segment from his Late Night show.

The two “enjoyed” cocktails and played drinking games inspired by “Houdini.” Later, they played a game called “IDGAF” in which they answered an embarrassing question or took a shot, leading Meyers to name John Oliver as his least favorite late night host and confirm he has a favorite child. Meanwhile, Dua revealed her favorite Albanian swear sword and lamented about how fashion designers next think about the “drunk girls” when creating outfits.

The segment arrives as Dua Lipa is on the tails of her latest release, “Houdini,” a colorful pop track produced by Danny L Harle and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. The track was named Consequence’s Song of the Week when it debuted, and arrives ahead of a full, psychedelia-inspired album due sometime in 2024, which will feature more contributions from Parker. Last month, the pop star said that Tame Impala’s seminal 2015 release, Currents, “completely changed [her] life.”

Earlier in the year, Dua Lipa earned another Song of the Week for “Dance the Night Away,” which was her contribution to the soundtrack for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

As for Meyers, he has a number of standup dates coming up, including a co-headlining 2024 residency with Oliver at the Beacon Theater in New York. Grab tickets here.

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Meyers has been doing the “Day Drinking” segment on his show for several years, and past guests include a cocktail-sipping Rhianna, a shit-faced Lorde, and a drunk, sharpie-tattoo-giving Post Malone.

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