DJ and Producer Gino Gomez speaks on his incredible career and using his production and events company to help other artists.

The famous DJ Gino Gomez has rolled the floors and wowed audiences around the world over the past decade. He is best known for his vintage mixes and electric bounce sound and for making original tracks in collaboration with Andrew, his brother. Here’s information about this guy’s amazing career and how he’s helping other emerging artists.

Like many other music professionals, Gino grew up surrounded by music-loving parents with diverse tastes in music and cultural history. His father’s blend of Afro-Cuban and enjoyment from the Beatles made a rich sound and the counterpart was his mother’s taste for Madonna and other pop sensations of the ’70s and ’80s. Gomez’s music collections and overall musical atmosphere are a reflection of his childhood, blending nostalgia for postmodernism.

Gomez’s creativity has enabled him to work with a guitarist of fame Gypsy Kings and other celebrities producing live recordings. It’s a great feat for any musician to gain traction from the biggest names around, but Gomez did. Furthermore, you can expect that he has a bunch of names in his address book that may help support future artists.

Everything was going well until Geno was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His life was interrupted, and Gino was forced to seek treatment in New York City. After more than a year of battling cancer, Gino wondered what he was doing. He decided to create a production and events company at one crucial point. This will allow him to bring back everything he learned from his peers and throughout his very successful career. Today he assists other artists with production, reservations, event management, tours, and planning. Named after a fun phrase during that time, this company “Hurry Up Slowly” is now helping many aspiring stars reach big time.

However, starting a business has not stopped Gino from performing or creating original content. Presently, he is touring the world, including; United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece.

Broadcast Gino on all platforms everywhere, and make sure to see it live somewhere near you!

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