Deicide’s “Bury the Cross…with Your Christ”: Stream

Deicide have given fans a blasphemous Christmas gift in the form of their new song “Bury the Cross…with Your Christ” and its gory NSFW video.

A proper holiday music palette cleanser, the track is a three-and-a-half-minute beatdown in the old-school death metal style. Suffocating rhythms and Glen Benton’s guttural vocals create a torrent of barbarous mayhem that only relents for a quick-hitting guitar solo and thrash breakdown.

Since the band’s inception, Benton has used Deicide as a vehicle for overtly anti-Christian beliefs and symbolism, and the decision to release a blasphemous song on Christmas fits his M.O. The song’s David Brodsky-directed video is equally extreme, depicting the members of the band gorging on the body of Christ in an utterly twisted rendering of the Last Supper.

“Welcome to the Feast of Fools and bow before your lord almighty the end is upon us …bury the cross,” remarked Benton in a cryptic statement via the band’s press release.

The single hails from Deicide’s upcoming album Banished by Sin, which is expected to drop in 2024. The record was produced by Deicide with engineering by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg and mixing/mastering by Josh Wilbur.

Below you can either listen to the audio or click to watch the gory video for “Bury the Cross…with Your Christ” via YouTube.

“Bury the Cross…with Your Christ” Artwork:

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