Dave Grohl “Slept Through” His Recording Session with boygenius

Dave Grohl nearly played a pretty significant role in boygenius’ debut album cycle, and we’re not just talking about that time the trio dressed up as Nirvana. Speaking to NME, Phoebe Bridgers revealed that the Foo Fighters frontman was supposed to join her, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker in the studio while making the record, but he “slept through” their scheduled meeting.

“We have a friend who knows him and toured with Foo Fighters,” Bridgers said. “There was this missed connection where Dave was actually going to come to the studio and play on [the record]. Then he slept through it or whatever, and we didn’t end up meeting.”

Grohl eventually did join boygenius during their Halloween show at the Hollywood Bowl, drumming on “Satanist” (while wearing corpse paint, naturally). Though Bridgers didn’t specify which song was supposed to have the epic guest feature in the studio, it seems like “Satanist” might’ve been the one: “It was actually kind of a perfect full circle moment of having him play on that song [at the Halloween show] because we knew we wanted the drums to be crazy on that.”

Bridgers also recalled her first meeting with Grohl, which — unsurprisingly — was a very pleasant experience: “I made friends with Dave backstage at a Billie Eilish show. He’s the coolest guy ever. I was texting [Dacus and Baker], being like, ‘I met Dave Grohl, and he exceeds every expectation of how a rock star can be in the world.’ I think we, as a group, look for that a lot – like, who is living their life the way that we want to get old and live our lives?”

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boygenius are up for a whopping seven Grammy nominations for the 2024 awards, including for Album of the Year. As fate would have it, their song “Not Strong Enough” is going up against Foo Fighters’ “Rescued” in the Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance categories. The Foos also have a whole bunch of tour dates scheduled for 2024 (grab tickets to their North American shows here), but in the meantime, Grohl has been cooking up some philanthropic meals. No wonder he’s so sleepy.

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