Dave Chappelle Takes Over House of the Dragon on SNL: Watch

The Saturday Night Live Episode hosted by Dave Chappelle targeted HBO’s Game of thrones prequel series Dragon House While reviewing some of his past Chappelle’s Show Personalities.

Chappelle introduced the recorded segment to the audience by addressing the diverse cast of the fictional show, saying, “I would love for them to have black characters but to be honest, the black characters take me out of it a bit.” The “paradoxical” experience he alludes to then becomes apparent in a season 2 “sneak preview” that Lorne Michaels has supposedly been passed on by an all-new cast of Chappelle’s creations.

The clip opens with Chloe Fineman, Princess Rhaenyra taking command of the Targaryen War Room while new co-player Michael Longfellow, as Prince Daemon, points out that two graphs charting the family tree and the show’s ongoing romantic entanglement are actually one and the same. Kenan Thompson enters as “Eel” Corlys Velaryon, who proceeds to introduce some new allies to their cause led by Silkie Johnson “Player of the Year” in 2002. Chappelle’s supreme speaker, accompanied by longtime co-star Donnell Rawlings, talks about butcher relationships Kinship with a casual “yak” before King Vizier’s obviously decadent roast and salute his “lightskin” cousin Larry Targaryen, played by Ice TV in slight retaliation for his cameo from the original “Playa Haters” sketch.

Chappelle also brought back brave drug addict Tyrone Biggums, who uses the same fiery dragon to light a cracked pipe, as well as his iconic Rick James impression, which redirected the phrase “fuck your couch” into something more appropriate to scream while riding on a dragonback. Watch the full clip below.

The Chappelle’s Show Revival imitates a drawing from the beginning SNL Hosting the party in 2016 that spoofed the walking Dead While putting some of his former characters like Lil Jon and black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby on the literal chopping block.

Chappelle SNL The guest spot paired a musical performance by Mos Def and Talib Kweli for Black Star. It also included an extended monologue that focused on Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic comments. The comedian will follow up with an upcoming co-tour appearance alongside Chris Rock. Get your seats via Ticketmaster.

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