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Start Me Up

Roots live music in Nottingham & Derby

For many people live music of any sort is the pinnacle, forget the genre the sheer joy of playing, singing or performing music is enough.The bad news is that music venues are closing at an alarming rate  across the country and for varied reasons.…

Extermination Dismemberment gig review at Albert’s Nottingham

Everyone has a dream, be they young imaginations shaping the future, the first 30 seconds of the play button being pressed on a Walkman, images and dreams created by music, but behind the screen of melodies, poetry and rhythm one asks, “why can’t I”…

The one thing you have to understand to get more gigs

Not all gigs are created equal: how to get the right gig for you So you want to play more gigs. It seems like other artists you know are performing all the time, so surely there must be a secret formula to getting gigs….

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