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Keep Roots Live Music Radio On Air

Original music Nottingham and Derby

Hello we need a little help to keep our station running. Roots Live Music Radio is a Radio Station that only plays original music by the Independent musicians off Nottingham and Derbyshire it doesn’t generate any money of it’s own and has been funded… Continue Reading “Keep Roots Live Music Radio On Air”

Myles Knight New Track Reggae!Reggae? Funtime

Myles Knight has a new track out and we at Roots Live Music are pushing the idea that the best way to support our amazing original artists and help the music scene is to buy the tracks to download that way the artist get… Continue Reading “Myles Knight New Track Reggae!Reggae? Funtime”

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Roots Live Music Awards (PHASE 2)


Lawrence County The Frailty of Humans

Lawrence County

“The Frailty of Humans – Lawrence County This is the first album release under the new band name from who once were DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show. This album takes a big shift in the musical direction of this bunch of guys… Continue Reading “Lawrence County The Frailty of Humans”

Badge sales go towards funding original music!

Over the last 5 years Roots Live Music have been promoting original music in and around Nottingham and Derby in a few different ways, such as weekly open mics & weekend festivals and even created our own radio station that only plays original songs… Continue Reading “Badge sales go towards funding original music!”

Roots Live Music Radio

Welcome to our Radio station roots live music radio (Original music Nottingham and Derby),We are based in Nottingham as Roots Live Music and play original music by local artists & we also produce some merchandise in the form of Badges and Stickers to help… Continue Reading “Roots Live Music Radio”

Warren Ireland…a whole new level!

DemonsWarren Ireland Warren Ireland is the embodiment of a modern-day troubadour. A young singer/songwriter from Nottinghamshire, you can catch him at festivals and gigs all over the country and busking in towns throughout the north of his home county. His latest single, Demons, sees him… Continue Reading “Warren Ireland…a whole new level!”

At last…it’s The Fine Art Society!

FootprintsThe Fine Art Society There’s a painful beauty in both the lyrics and musical arrangement of The Fine Art Society’s new release: ‘Footprints.’ Rock Shotz’ previous experience of TFAS material is upbeat and ‘laddish’ (considering the debut single, ‘Waiting For The Summer To Arrive’!)… Continue Reading “At last…it’s The Fine Art Society!”

Isaac Walters…Solo Release

Drunk AgainIsaac Walters Recently, Rock Shotz has made mention of Nottinghamshire singer/songwriter and all-round versatile muso, Isaac Walters, as a session musician. We have also featured the work of his band Take 96; however, this week the spotlight is on his work as a solo… Continue Reading “Isaac Walters…Solo Release”

Crown of Thorns: Omen Machine

Omen Machine is new young 5-piece band on the East Midlands Metal scene and in Crown of Thorns, their first single, they are setting the bar mighty high. They describe themselves as an ‘Alternative Metal’ band and within the first few bars of the… Continue Reading “Crown of Thorns: Omen Machine”

Alex Cavan…A Man on a Mission

All For YouAlex Cavan Life can be so tough and music is such a great method for people to express the way they cope with the challenges that come along. All For You is a heart-on-the-sleeve love song from talented musician , Alex Cavan.… Continue Reading “Alex Cavan…A Man on a Mission”

Jack Ryan – The kids are alright…

How do folks? You find me in the midst of a rather manic day before a holiday. My car needs packing, there’s mixes to mix and I have other exciting things occurring that I’m dying to share in good time! Today’s blog however, focuses… Continue Reading “Jack Ryan – The kids are alright…”

Olly Hensby: Finding an undiscovered gem down a Facebook wormhole

When I began pulling together artists for the latest series of The Pin-up Sessions I decided it was time to indulge my ears a bit and find an amazing bluesy/jazzy guitarist. I started my quest on Facebook and more specifically on some posts from… Continue Reading “Olly Hensby: Finding an undiscovered gem down a Facebook wormhole”

Benjamin…Concrete Rose

When you look at the musical calibre of this new band, it just oozes quality! With connections to Unknown Era, Ferocious Dog and Idle Nova, you know you’re in for something really special. Of everything queued up before me today, Concrete Rose’s debut track,… Continue Reading “Benjamin…Concrete Rose”

Code Blue…Jack Chapman

Nottingham is a city awash with young singer/songwriter talent and Jack Chapman fits the bill. Having decided to go solo at the end of last year, he is carving out quite a local following! He plays a cool guitar and has a delicious voice.… Continue Reading “Code Blue…Jack Chapman”

Four artists, one day and an abrupt, heavy sound of impact…

So after a few months away from Pin-up Session activity, the 12th of May went off with a bang. Or a clonk to be precise. Learning from all our shoots to date, the Pin-up squad* have come to the realisation that we can minimise… Continue Reading “Four artists, one day and an abrupt, heavy sound of impact…”

Post Remedy…new sounds

New release: Enemy 4-piece Alt/Rock band from Nottingham. I don’t know what else they do, but I’ve been listening to this track on repeat for around 20 minutes now and it’s so chilled! The band are fronted by Jess, who’s vocals are a major… Continue Reading “Post Remedy…new sounds”


Pretty Babs haven’t been slouching since they released their debut album, Graffiti Lights, back in 2017 (I had to check then, in my head it was only last year!) – with an ever-growing gig schedule they’ve released a new EP, #upthebabs – building on their… Continue Reading “#upthebabs”

The Last Netflix Show

The Last Netflix Show May 2019  Everything comes to an end, Betamax lost out in the battle to  Video which became  subsumed by DVD which is becoming slowly taken  over by boxed sets stored on TV hard drives. ( Believe it or not I… Continue Reading “The Last Netflix Show”

Faust…Infernal Symphony

‘Dissonance!’ In musical terms it means a general lack of harmony which, in Western music, our ears are unused to. In layman’s terms: think of the sound created when a cat walks up and down a piano keyboard! Got it? You need to know… Continue Reading “Faust…Infernal Symphony”