Roots Badges

Custom made Badges and Stickers

We are currently taking pre orders we start producing again in 3 weeks

Custom made Badges and Stickers with your own artwork printed simply order the quantity you need then send artwork to

A few tips to get awesome results…

  1. Create your artwork for your Badges and Stickers with a high resolution – the larger and clearer your file is, the better the end result when printed. 
  2. Use text wisely – remember what size of product you are designing for.  Small writing won’t be as effective as bold, larger text on a smaller product (e.g. don’t try to squeeze too much onto a 25mm or 32mm badge!)
  3. Contrasting colours will produce more striking prints – dark purple text on a black background won’t stand out as well.

Send your artwork for your Badges & Stickers to please add your name and address to the email.

Image format (JPEG, PNG ) If possible 300dpi the bigger the image resolution the better if not we can still work with any image you send

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