Animal Collective Play Rare Pavement Bootlegs in NTS Radio Mix: Listen

For the past few years, the Animal Collective geologist (aka Brian Weitz) has hosted a monthly show on NTS Radio called O’Brien system. The freestyle radio show features an eclectic lineup of experimental music Weitz is passionate about, and in the latest episode, he teams up with fellow band Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) to revisit their love for a particular band: Pavement.

Weitz, Portner, and their bandmates formed Animal Collective as high school students in Baltimore, and during the same period, apparently, bonded over a mutual interest in cassettes of Pavement’s live performances. Animal Collective also shared on Instagram, “What do 15 year old fans do after hearing ‘Fight This Generation’ in 1994? They start collecting sidewalk tapes!”

It was really cool having Pavement on the road again and watching shows with the friends and loved ones we saw the first time around. They were a great part of our youth and it was a great treat to have AC. And they look great! While we were riding the current wave with many of you, Dave suggested a mix of Pavement for NTS and we thought it would be fun to dig up our old live tapes for some great moments. Soon I was emailing my station manager asking for an extra hour to show nothing but live material! I’m sure most or all of this is already there – while checking back for dates I stumbled upon a YouTube channel with a lot of shows that were all cleaned up and looked pretty good (acid hits). Finally stuck with our own hideout. His years in our cars must have added some sentimentality. Anyway, I hope you dig in. Swipe to get the tracking list. Lots of fun stuff here The beginning of “Range Life” (maybe a first?), “Secret Knowledge”, “Newark Wilder” published, First ever “Kennel District”, face melting “Gold Soundz”, Pavement/Stereolab jam, and “Fight This Generation” which blew our minds at HFStival 1994. Still does. Thanks to NTS on primetime, thanks to Pavement for track ID at the previous jam, thanks to Drop Of Sun for the last minute mastering, and thanks to all the nerds and traders from my dial-up days at AOL.

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