Alvvays Perform a Massive Tiny Desk Concert: Watch

Alvvays stopped by the NPR office for their long-awaited Tiny Desk Concert, performing just a handful of highlights off their still-fantastic 2022 album Blue Rev.

Even if you’ve only heard just one Alvvays song, it’s easy to tell that the band’s studio recordings and live performances both usually implement some really heavy reverb and other vocal effects. But their concert at the Tiny Desk — where such embellishments are usually frowned upon — proves that although those stylistic choices do sound nice, vocalist Molly Rankin certainly doesn’t need to hide any flaws.

The recent first-time Grammy nominees opened their four-song set with an impossibly massive rendition of “Belinda Says,” before Rankin gave some words of gratitude (and a subtle apology): “We’ve not worked up the courage to do this until today,” she said with a nervous giggle.

That lack of courage was undetectable as Alvvays ripped through “Pressed,” “Very Online Guy,” and finally, “Tile by Tile.” Between songs, Rankin further joked about taking over for the newly-retired Tiny Desk founder Bob Boilen; while we’re sure she’d do a great job in his place, we don’t like to think about the possibility of her quitting Alvvays anytime soon.

Watch Alvvays’ Tiny Desk Concert below.

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