50 Cent to Produce Doc on Diddy’s Sexual Assault Allegations

50 Cent will executive produce an upcoming documentary about the sexual assault allegations swirling around Sean “Diddy” Combs. What’s more, proceeds from the documentary “will go to victims of sexual assault and rape,” according to the rapper.

Confirmed by G-Unit Films and Television, the production company founded by 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson), the new documentary will detail Combs’ record of alleged predatoary behavior, and will present new accusations regarding his alleged pattern of harassment and assault against women.

The documentary arrives as Combs finds himself at the center of a number of new sexual assault allegations. Last month, he was sued by his former girlfriend and label signee, the singer Cassie, for rape and years of repeated physical abuse, which ended in a settlement one day later. Since that, though, a number of additional suits have been filed, accusing Combs of heinous acts, such as distributing “revenge porn” and participating in the “gang rape” of a 17-year-old.

Online, 50 Cent has made reference to these new allegations. In one Instagram post, he shared screenshots of news articles detailing the actuations, with the caption: “My God 17 😳 was no one off limits, This documentary is gonna blow you away! Diddy do it, or Not coming soon !!!”

In a clip previewing some what’s been filmed already for the doc, former Bad Boy Records rapper Mark Curry describes how Combs would purposefully spike alcohol at parties to serve to women, and keep special, un-spiked bottles for the men. The clip also features several photos of Diddy with Rick Ross, and even interpolates Curry’s comments with Ross’ controversial “date rape line” from Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.”

50 Cent shared another post with a screenshot of an article about how he’s donating the proceeds of the doc, as well as the lyrics to the aforementioned controversial Ross line and a photo of Ross and Combs together, captioned: “WTF at some point you gotta just do the right thing.”

On Wednesday, December 6th, Diddy posted a statement on Instagram, writing: “Enough is enough. For the last couple of weeks, I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, destroy my reputation and my legacy. Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family, and for the truth.”

If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual misconduct, you can reach out for support:

RAINN Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Crisis Text Line
SMS: Text “HERE” to 741-741
http://www.facebook.com/crisistextline (chat support)

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