25 Best Movies of 2023: Consequence Annual Report

Our Annual Report turns to the world of film with our 25 Best Movies of 2023 list. Find all of our awards, lists, and exclusive features recapping the year’s best in music, film, and TV here.

At the beginning of 2023, the world of cinema felt like it was standing on a bit of a precipice — sure, in 2022 people had at least gone to see Tom Cruise fly around in a jet plane again, and Cruise was due to also ride a motorcycle off a mountain in the summer. But Cruise alone couldn’t keep theaters afloat; Americans would need more reasons to go to the movies.

Thankfully, those reasons arrived in droves: Multiple animated features redefined what the medium was capable of, while established and emerging auteurs delivered some of the best work of their career. There were heartbreaking true stories, captivating thrillers, daring dramas, and delightful adventures — and perhaps you might have heard something about a little phenomenon known as Barbenheimer. (Or Oppenbarbie, should that be your preference.)

Like any year, there were some flops in the mix and some disappointments from the greats, but there was so much for film fans to be grateful for over the last 12 months, only wetting the appetite further for what’s to come in 2024. Here are the best movies of 2023.

Liz Shannon Miller
Senior Entertainment Editor

Author: Michael

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