Myles Knight New Track Reggae!Reggae? Funtime

Myles Knight has a new track out and we at Roots Live Music are pushing the idea that the best way to support our amazing original artists and help the music scene is to buy the tracks to download that way the artist get the cash to write more stuff.

For a mere £0.59 you can own some original art and bask in the knowledge you have supported and made a real difference and even if you only buy one track a week 4 or 5 tracks a month it’s still less then a coffee at Starbucks

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Myles Knight is a Nottingham born Singer/Songwriter, who has been described as a ‘Quick Witted’ and a ‘Stellar’ Songwriter with a ‘Distinctive Tone’. Myles Knight, occasionally accompanied by his band, provides a fusion of Indie Rock vibes with Blues undertones.

You can also Catch his songs and other local artists on Nottingham & Derby original music Radio station

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