Badge sales go towards funding original music!

Original music Nottingham and Derby

Over the last 5 years Roots Live Music have been promoting original music in and around Nottingham and Derby in a few different ways, such as weekly open mics & weekend festivals and even created our own radio station that only plays original songs by our local artists from the two great cities…. To run a station is no easy thing it takes a great deal of time and indeed Money.

The station itself doesn’t generate an income so we have over the years funded it from the revenue of the open mics we hosted, but due to us currently not running a night we decided to start a new venture to help us fund it which found us making badges that musicians & Bands use to promote themselves this has been a great way for us to still keep the radio running

The Badges at the moment are two different sizes 25mm and 32mm we offer free Delivery on all orders so for £23 you can get 100 badges delivered to your door all in the knowledge its helping independent original music

We also do Stickers they are 60mm round which are £12.99 for 100

We have lots of plans to develop the station and promotion of original independent music so hopefully this can give us the funds that are so important to our mission

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