Isaac Walters…Solo Release

Drunk Again
Isaac Walters

Recently, Rock Shotz has made mention of Nottinghamshire singer/songwriter and all-round versatile muso, Isaac Walters, as a session musician. We have also featured the work of his band Take 96; however, this week the spotlight is on his work as a solo artist.

Drunk Again is a plaintive, modern love song which, on it’s release, will additionally employ a video to add to the atmosphere of the melody.

Not only is Walters a writer and arranger, but on this track he plays ALL the instruments AND sings! This is surely deserving of being labelled a ‘virtuoso’ piece!

In the Rock Shotz office, it has taken some time to warm to Drunk Again, but after a number of plays, the tune is being hummed with ease, which is suggestive that this is a more catchy song than you may first believe.

Drunk Again is a ‘gentler’ composition than Rock Shotz is used to hearing from Isaac Walters, but it is a song we are warming to with each spin.

Give it a shot for yourselves on all major digital music platforms from this Thursday, 03/10/19. This young man has real talent!

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